We are Cloudbis.

Life without challenge is boring so we decided to turn our passions into finding and creating new and interesting projects. With focus on web and mobile development we founded a software development agency where we treat our clients as partners.

Our expertise lies in area of web and mobile development in order to deliver custom-made products that best fits the requirements of your business.

Experienced team working together since 2015.

Since then we developed a high level of autonomy as a team and we found that an agile approach produces the best results. We strive to achieve the highest possible standard of quality, performance and user satisfaction to make a product that will best reward your trust in us.

Our values

  • 01

    Good team cohesion & collaboration ensures
    that we achieve our goals faster and more

  • 02

    Experience & high level of autonomy as a team
    brings the quality of our services to the next level.

  • 03

    Transparency & constant communication with our clients as our primary focus to tailor project idea to your wishes.

  • 03

    Dedicated to what we do and always improving with a new challenges.

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